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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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BipoSuisse is the label for my initiatives for the interdisciplinary study of bipolar disorders which span from molecules to history. :: BipoSuisse ist das Label für meine Initiativen zur interdisziplinären Erforschung Bipolarer Störungen. Diese reichen von philosophischen Fragen bis zu molekularen Zusammenhängen. :: BipoSuisse also hosts MUREGOCIANA with limited access. :: Please contact me for any suggestion directly via biposuisse(at)bluewin.ch. ______________________________________________________________________
PHILOSOPHY: triadic thought and bipolarity... WPA Athens 12 & 14 ...
This thread of BipoSuisse is enganged in reconstructing a) the philosophical / mathematical and b) the modern scientific conceptual history of triadic thought allowing todays' use e.g. of the dimensions THOUGHT, ACTION, and MOOD (in the dynTAM model) in simulating the "energetic-temperamental" psychological functioning in approach. A main, not yet reached scope of this project is the exploration of the contributions of high German culture to the German ethical disaster leading to the NS-states.
2006 to 2016: Mast cells, lymphatics & bipolarity
Here you find my "sketch book" slides or posters for talks on IRBD/IRPB or WPA intersectional conferences. Papers confronting the many scientific issues are forthcoming.
This projects starts from the assumption than intrinsic primary causes of severe brain dysfunction are unlikely, and that the "real biology" of peripheral processes is unduly neglected.
Tiny BipoSuisse stuff
BipoSuisse thanks to IRBD 2011, 2012 and WPA Athens 2012 was able to start three threads. Anything besides these threads - pterygo-palatine ganglion, mast cells; Hypomania and road traffic accidents; and Philosophy of Bipolarity - for the time being will be parked here.
IRBD 2013 :: ECTES LYON 2013 :: The board of ECTES represented by Prof. P. M. Rommens had manifested only some transient enthusiasm for the below HCL32 in Road Safety and Surgical Trauma Care pre-project. Hypomania and road-rage nevertheless will meet some day in accident research.
Mathematical formulations are the ultimate goal of theoretical conception. At the same time insufficient mathematical or statistical insight constitutes a danger to scientific endeavours. One example is the excesssive reliance on variable-centered statistics, which often makes largely unjustified assumptions on normal distribution of attributes in ground populations. The main person-centered method is Configural Frequency Analysis, which allows for the analysis of SYNDROMES. It is sadly underused in science with dire consequences for psychopathology.
Posters at WPA multidisciplinary facets of psychiatry conference 2012 Athens
Here - on the inserted document - you find the link to my prezi assembly of three poster I was allowed to show at the World Psychiatric Association Thematic Conference on Intersectional Collaboration nr 1 in nov. 2012 at Athens:
Affective Neuroscience Course 2003 and 2004
My participation as one of the oldest students at the Affective Neuro-sciece Course 2003/2004 organised by the universities of Maastricht (Erich Griez), Bristol (David Nutt), Florence (Carlo Faravelli), and Tel Aviv (Joseph Zohar) has proven immensely useful to me despite the fact, that my interest in bipolar disorders proved a maximal hindrance to any (academic) position in Switzerland. The 2 powerpoints show homework for the seminar of Prof. David Nutt and my yet unpublished study on epileptoïd symptoms in out-patients.
12th World Congress WFSBP Athens 2015
At the 12 th world congress of the World Federation Societies Biological Psychiatry congress 2015 I lobbied for a) pattern collection at data acquisition through Configural Frequency Analysis (see: http://www.trevipsy.ch/biposuisse/biomath) and b) mast cells, PNEI and infections. I functioned like a little mast cell myself and am struggling with a tide of very welcome contacts via biposuisse@bluewin.ch ad b): Besides a highly interdisciplinary talk I gave on content submitted to J Comp Neurology I showed a "propaganda poster" on mast cells.
Brain circuits positive emotions Ascona 2014
At this international symposium at the Centro Franscini on Mte. Verità Ascona I was allowed to present a poster on: "The manifold roles of mast cell populations for positive emotionality as guardians and migrating instigators of circuits." which was centered on a little appreciated role of emotions as modulators of the essential balance between symbolic 4-D symbolic and parietal 5+-D intuitive i.e. movement-related cognitive processing.
Accademia Muregociana is a proposal for the combined valorization of a tourist village on the lake Mergozzo (Verbania) in Piedimont for purposes which also respond creativelyto the present economico-political crisis.
File IRPB 2016 Arterial wall reverse flow Treviranus
File IRPB 2016 Uncertainty prime Neuro-linguistic-economic trait
File IRPB 2016 Immunometabolic repurposed drugs
For value or for worth (2017)
Herein the interdisciplinary neuro-economical theory is presented which allowed me to suggest the first ever mast-cell-driven behavioral experiment to the Ann Kelly lab in Ann Arbor MI through Dr. Shelly Flagel: It was succesfully performed in 2017 (open access: www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/am/pii/S0889159117301496). Diese neue Arbeit bringt verschiedenste Forschungsgebiete zum Thema der Aneignungsprozesse und der temperament-gesteuerten Lernvorgänge im Bereich von Absicht und Wahrnehmung zusammen. Hieraus ergeben sich differenziertere Ansichten zur Neuroökonomie, die gegenwärtigen verkürzten Therien widersprechen. Geichzeitig erlaubte sie, das erste, erfolgreich durchgeführte, Verhaltensexperiment mit Mastzellen vorzuschlagen.
File NOT grasping as you should?
PERSON-CENTERED CONFIGURAL FREQUENCY ANALYSIS, WHAT IT OFFERS, ITS BIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL AVOIDANCE & THE (HIGH) COSTS OF THIS." A poster-presentation at the biannual conference of the Swiss Society of Psychiatric Epidemiology, Zurich 2016. Description: :: Modern science generally doesn't very often use statistics which maintain patterns at acquisition or later on despite the fact that CONFIGURAL FREQUENCY ANALYSIS may often do the job especially if nested. This has become especially dramatic in epidemiologic psychiatric which dispite owning Big data, doesn't connect data sufficiently with knowledge (stations in biochemical/cellular pathways e.g.). The reasons herefore are tentatively explored through "embodied intelligences" and the psychobiology of (un)certainty-orientation of RM Sorrentino by using a layered variant of Venn-Johnson-diagrams.
File Blutgerüst und Guffen-Pica. Von Göldi zu Goya: Mund, Magen, und „Schlaf der Vernunft“. – Gottfried R.S. Treviranus
27.8.2017 Eine Reise nach Glarus in diesem Somemr brachte mich dank dem Anna-Göldi-Museum in den Kontakt mit der Verfolgung von Anna Göldi. Das Ergebnis hiervon ist dieser vorläufige Text. Die Arbeit an diesem Artikel kam durch eine rüde Ablehnung der Vor-Eingabe durch die Redaktion der Schweizerischen Ärztezeitung etwas ins Stocken. Um auf dem Web in der momentanen Aktualität eine etwaige geneigte Sommer-2017 Leserschaft nicht zu verpassen, wurde von mir unter www.biposuisse.ch/annagoeldi.docx diese noch etwas unvollkomme Version freigeschaltet. Eine definitive Print-Publikation wird angestrebt.
Anna Göldi
Hier finden sich Links zu einigen Texten zum Fall der Anna Göldi von denen die wenigsten auf die Quellen und Sachbücher verweisen, die berichten, dass das damalige Gutachten zu Annemiggeli einzig eine PIca erwog, dann aber scholastisch verwarf.
File MilANO Depression Day 2017
Non potendomi recare a Milano, non ho potuto tenere questo breve intervento pel Depression Day 2017 all'Istituto di Farmacologia dedicato alla comorbiditá metabolica della Depressione.
My two poster contributions on REVERSE INTRAMULAR ARTERIAL FLOW and the role of MAST CELLS in the neurobiology of faculties in STATISTICS. Global experts in psychoimmunology gathered for the 14th Psychoimmunology Meeting biannually organized for the 7th time by Prof. Karl Bechter, University of Ulm at Günzburg in Bavarian Svevia. This years main topics where CSF/glymphatic flow (also in Alzheimer's), autoimmune aspects of psychoses and affective disorders, microparticles and their miRNA, brain-gut-axis and the inflammasome,epidemiology, Listeria m., HSV, HERV, transfer of stress-behavior via CD4+-lymphocyte in mice, and cell cultures of stress-induced tumor progression, immune cell populations in suicide victims' brain, autonomous system in depression.
Work by friends.
KFA Kognitive N.psychiatrie Bildgebung
Slides und Kursmaterialien für den Workshop vom 12.Juli 2018 bei Gruppe der Peer-Gruppe der Sektion Kognitive Neuropsychiatrie (Prof. R. C. Wolf) an der Klinik für Allgemeinpsychiatrie (Dir. Prof. Sabine Herpertz) der Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg. Slides. Andere Materialien.
File Konfigurations-Analyse von G. Lienert
Slides des Workshops vom 12. Juli 2018 in Heidelberg bei der Peer-Gruppe der Sektion Kognitive Neuropsychiatrie (Prof. R. C. Wolf) an der Klinik für Allgemeine Psychiatrie (Dir. Prof. Sabine Herpertz) der Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
A rescue of dimensional "bipolarity"
Here you find a recent paper in Psychiatria danubina (Zagreb) and the related 200+ slides from a workshop: In July 2018 I followed an invitation by Heidelberg psychiatry PhD-students autonomous curriculum to present my recursive thoughts of a "complexity divide", psycho-biologically neglected pattern- and dimension-preserving statistics, and discrete geometry in relation to IMAGING. This concerns the link between mast cells modulating the prime human motivator-dimension-homologue in rats - "uncertainty-orientation" alias "sign-tracking" (which one should interpret as a cognitivo-temperamental drive to use just 4-dimensional symbolic calculating thought over the use of intuitive high-dimensonal thought prefered on the opposite end by certainty-oriented probably homologous to "goal-tracker" rats).
ECT x MC x ART 19
Contains: PAPER.pdf & SAME PAPER2019w/hyperlinks.docx & POSTER MAST CELL AUTOCRINICITY NEAR CEREBRAL ARTERIAL WALL “reverse glymphatic flow” AS prime TARGET OF ELECTROMAGNETIC EFFECTS ABSTRACT: Efforts to disclose the mechanisms of transcranial therapeutic electro-magnetic fields (EMF) acting on the brain's cells and recently immune cells (Gülöksüz) meet unsolved physiological details of blood vessels, exclusively arterial vasomotion or the non-glial-related former g(lia)-lymphatic flow (Iliff; Liu DX) - now replaced by an astrocytic AQP4-pipeline cooling the brain (Nakada 2014). Here within the convergent dyn4TAM-framework, which had suggested the first mast cell behavioral experiment (Fitzpatrick & Morrow 2017), three intertwined physiological concepts are contributed: A) “autocrinicity” – how flushed, thus absent, autocrine signals integrate external fluidics into cellular computations e.g. on motility: EMFs could increase such absences by targeting e.g. dipole-cytokines; B) a new concept of the arterial wall based on a tangible interpretation of the coronal histology of all arteries as a co-axial pulse-dampening engine (Treviranus 2012). In the brain this engine might provide the quickest cerebral outflow via the Cerebral IntraMUral Reverse Arterial Flow (Treviranus 2018b), while trans-mitting further forces acting upstream to the paravascular spaces; C) some key roles for mast cells in neuro-psychiatry (Silver & Curley 2013) and their interactive lymphatic and non-luminal vascular routes to the brain dictated by peripheral imprinting as to destiny (Csaba 1987) and destination (Treviranus 2013). Within the skull they might advance against para-arterial upstream currents. Some known causal mediators of the effects of transcranially applied EFMs and puzzling results are then put tentatively in perspective with the above “tangible” models, e.g. by aligning probable induced currents with arterial segments or the new direct meningeal-calvario-myeloid channels.
File ECT & Mast cell autocrinicity & Cerebral IntraMural Arterial Flow
Transcranial EMFields induce puzzling nearby and far effects - varying according to frequency and alignement. The entirely new integrated proposals of this poster (and its companion paper) attempt some answers based on the emergent role of vessels for psychiatry (contradicting their removal by RDoC). Especially arteries - by their evident "wall engine", but also capillaries, lymphatics and veins (and various modulated flows) provide much large integrators of EMF-changes (than neurons or glia). Especially the rapid cerebral IntraMural Reverse Arterial Flow - via probable effects on the surrounding Virchow-Robin-spaces - probably convey causative effects to mast cells, the most versatile and long-lived immune cells, which seem to advance counter-current along and within the adventitia, steered by autocrine signals of which the stronger dipoles would be flushed away energically by applied EMF-changes. Mast cell autocrinicity near Cerebral IntraMural Arterial Flow as target of electromagnetic effects Poster presented at: 7th Biennial Cambridge International Conference on Mental Health 2019. Companion to paper ect-x-mc-x-art-19-1.pdf
File Poster ECT, reverse arterial flow, mast cells
Poster presented at the 7th Biennial Cambridge International Conference on Mental Health 2019 https://www.cmhr-cu.org/sites/default/files/uploads/2019.09.01.Posters.pdf
Shortcut to poster 7th biennial Cambridge int. conference on mental health.
Psicoterapia dyn4PensieroAzioneUmore (2020) Italia
Qui sono radunati pubblicazioni in italiano e specificamente quelle sul sistema dyn4PAU per trattamento trasparente dei disturbi ansio-fobio-affettivi. VI si trovano notamente quelle sulla rivista www.rivistatelos.it campana che in modo esemplare colme una lacuna di riflessioni fra pratica psicologico-psichiatrica clinica ed i campi contigui filosofici e neuroscientifici.
A new paradigm for psychoses: Arterial wall motion.
Mechanisms of cortical psychoses are approached by complementing big data-driven genetics and imaging with a putatively subverted neurovascular “reverse plumbing” by arteries. The “cortical spread” of grey matter loss in schizophrenia and the mid-pericallosal “congestion” in fMRI of periodic catatonia - treatable electromagnetically along arteries - are interpreted in terms of the fastest interstitial outflow through the Cerebral IntraMural Reverse Arterial Flow-engine (CIMURAF, Treviranus 2018-19) draining “waste” via arterio-adventitial lymphatics to the neck. Such repetitively sliding segments of CIMURAF are wrung downstream by muscles likely steered by the neurovascular pterygopalatine ganglion. At the pericallosal artery, along its ideal long straight segment, this likely happens diverging from the mid-callosum towards the front and the back. In the case of a convergent inversion a mid-callosal clash will result, which is observable in psychoses as a mid-callosal high-flow-spot simultaneously with hyper-perfusions of branches and “backwatering” of pial vessels with reactive waste - till date interpreted psycho-mathematically.
Hypothesis on mast cells` path along art. to thalamus
Using the close-up anatomical picture of the thalamoperforate art. the hypothetical continuation of MCs ascending along the basilar artery is illustrated. http://syndrme.org/index.php/syndrme-resources/21-neuroanatomy/107-salamon-s-neuroanatomy-and-neurovasculature-web-atlas-resource
PREPRINT: LongCovid-19: CFS-like dys-orthostasis via nasal ganglion
PASC “Post-acute Sequelae of Covid-19" is put into the context of the basic Covid-19 trajectories mirroring SARS-CoV-2`s capacity to meddle with the immune responses in a stage-wise fashion. Chronic fatigue with Orthostasis Intolerance or Ideiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (ME/CFS-OI; IIH) here are reconducted to the virus` early intrusion into the nasal pterygopalatine ganglion (PPG) provoking a disruption of COMPLIANCE - which here is explained for the first time by the PPG's faculty to VARY the width of the sliding segments delimitated by two candy-cracker like stenoses created by a segmental contraction of vascular smooth muscles (in radially alternating senses) following a pervasive aortic blueprint. Thus the arterial wall is instantly softened or stiffened (by lengtheing or shortening the segment. IIH is caused by a mismatch of inflow and outflow but also by a stiffening of the parenchyma by "back-push" outflow failure of the CIMURAF (cerebral intramural reverse arterial flow, Treviranus 2016-18.
2021: long Covid-19 & Depression
Paper: Perugia Conference Cen.Stu.Psi 23.09.2021 - www.censtupsi.org Poster: 16th Annual Meeting "Pandemic and Health" Fr 29.10.2021. University Berne & INSEL-Spital Berne. Presentazione (ital.): Perugia, Conference Cen.Stu.Psi (www.censtupsi.org).