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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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12th World Congress WFSBP Athens 2015

At the 12 th world congress of the World Federation Societies Biological Psychiatry congress 2015 I lobbied for a) pattern collection at data acquisition through Configural Frequency Analysis (see: http://www.trevipsy.ch/biposuisse/biomath) and b) mast cells, PNEI and infections. I functioned like a little mast cell myself and am struggling with a tide of very welcome contacts via biposuisse@bluewin.ch ad b): Besides a highly interdisciplinary talk I gave on content submitted to J Comp Neurology I showed a "propaganda poster" on mast cells.
File Syllogistic appropriative cycles (...), language, thalamic mast cells.
This is a very interdisciplinary and also quite logic journey from the Parthenon, via the three giants of Greek philosophy, to Kraepelin's mixed states, the differences in symbolic and movement brain illustrated with Giacomo Rizzolatti and Graeme Halford resp. as a basis to anxio-affective psychopathology, to linguistics and finally thalamic neurolinguistics as influenced by mast cells... (and infections). This (after a prologue...) walks you through the long self-explaining title: "Appropriative cycles / within in a syllogistic classic Thought-Action-Mood-space / as framework for anxio-affective disorders … / generating natural language / maybe through thalamo- & insulo-cortical loops / & modulated by mast cells (from “lymphatic cauldron”)."
Mast cells (...) take the lead!
Configural Frequency Analysis
Maybe I'm wrong - but in my practical understanding CFrA offers much of what scientific psychiatry urgently needs.