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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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Mathematical formulations are the ultimate goal of theoretical conception. At the same time insufficient mathematical or statistical insight constitutes a danger to scientific endeavours. One example is the excesssive reliance on variable-centered statistics, which often makes largely unjustified assumptions on normal distribution of attributes in ground populations. The main person-centered method is Configural Frequency Analysis, which allows for the analysis of SYNDROMES. It is sadly underused in science with dire consequences for psychopathology.
File Configural Frequency Analysis
File Not grasping patterns as you should?
This presentation only accepted as poster at the 2016 biannual conference of the Swiss Society for Psychiatric Epidemiology is a bold attempt to clarify the issue of the extreme neglect of statistics allowing to acquire (the frequency of) patterns directly at data acquisition by combining Venn-diagrams, distinction of 4D-symbolic thought (Graeme Halford) from movemnet-related/intuitive processing (Rizzolatti) and the highest motivational levele i.e. Uncertainty-orientation (Richard Sorrentino), symbolic thought.