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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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ECT & Mast cell autocrinicity & Cerebral IntraMural Arterial Flow

Transcranial EMFields induce puzzling nearby and far effects - varying according to frequency and alignement. The entirely new integrated proposals of this poster (and its companion paper) attempt some answers based on the emergent role of vessels for psychiatry (contradicting their removal by RDoC). Especially arteries - by their evident "wall engine", but also capillaries, lymphatics and veins (and various modulated flows) provide much large integrators of EMF-changes (than neurons or glia). Especially the rapid cerebral IntraMural Reverse Arterial Flow - via probable effects on the surrounding Virchow-Robin-spaces - probably convey causative effects to mast cells, the most versatile and long-lived immune cells, which seem to advance counter-current along and within the adventitia, steered by autocrine signals of which the stronger dipoles would be flushed away energically by applied EMF-changes. Mast cell autocrinicity near Cerebral IntraMural Arterial Flow as target of electromagnetic effects Poster presented at: 7th Biennial Cambridge International Conference on Mental Health 2019. Companion to paper ect-x-mc-x-art-19-1.pdf

PDF document icon ect-x-mc-x-art-19-2.pdf — PDF document, 26300 kB (26931625 bytes)