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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
Sie sind hier: Startseite / BipoSuisse / HCL32 In ROAD SAFETY and TRAUMA CARE project. ECTES 2013 / IRBD 2012 :..: HCL32 in Road Safety and Trauma Care project

IRBD 2012 :..: HCL32 in Road Safety and Trauma Care project

The project is "hibernating" at the moment. Despite the huge reality of global "trauma-trauma" on the road teh trauam community seems not yet sensitized for more collaboration with psychiatrists.

IRBD 2012 :: dear interested attenders. On this site, as promised, you find the HCL-32 in Road Safety and Trauma Care (HRSTC) project folder with the 2012 provisional document, which addresses framework and most importantly project phase, steering, funding and transition questions.

Let's K.I.S. : keep it simple, in order to have an open mind for the interactions between realities and HCL-32. Till today this global, culture-oriented, but minimalist project proposal has attracted the kind interest of people active in both small and large realities of MH-mental health and PH-public health from all continents, and from about 40 countries. Anybody, especially at this stage, is asked to give her or his input, whishes, experiences, and expectations.

As it happens I also suscitated suboptimal reactions, and several potential key figures, entirely by chance, have not even been directly informed yet. Please keep in mind, that "biposuisse" intends to have a starter function and then a reasonal, i.e. tiny share in the work load, i.e. intends to withdraw more to the periphery of the project.

Please contact me for any suggestion directly via biposuisse(at)bluewin.ch. ==> @bluewin.ch.