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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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A rescue of dimensional "bipolarity"

Here you find a recent paper in Psychiatria danubina (Zagreb) and the related 200+ slides from a workshop: In July 2018 I followed an invitation by Heidelberg psychiatry PhD-students autonomous curriculum to present my recursive thoughts of a "complexity divide", psycho-biologically neglected pattern- and dimension-preserving statistics, and discrete geometry in relation to IMAGING. This concerns the link between mast cells modulating the prime human motivator-dimension-homologue in rats - "uncertainty-orientation" alias "sign-tracking" (which one should interpret as a cognitivo-temperamental drive to use just 4-dimensional symbolic calculating thought over the use of intuitive high-dimensonal thought prefered on the opposite end by certainty-oriented probably homologous to "goal-tracker" rats).
File Rescue of 3-D bipolarity
The orthogonal axes of Thought (T), Action (A), and Mood (M) span a phase space which corresponds e.g. to the three medial thalamic areas related to three resonating cortico-subcortico-thalamo-cortical loops. The above three of several loops constitute an “appropriative engine”, since within that space, as hinted to via Fig. 228 by Emil Kraepelin to illustrate bipolar mixed states, circular waves of appropriative functioning - from need via action to e.g. satisfaction - reflect a spectrum of temperamental to anxio-affective signatures of sequential appropriation waves. This neo-classical “dyn4TAM”-model also posits that a prime (thalamic) motivating system of Uncertainty-orientation (R. M. Sorrentino) regulates the temperamental balance between only 4-dimensional (D)-“Thought” (G. Halford) about effort-sparing models and high-D-“Action” (G. Rizzolatti) meaningfully related to movement. The Franco-Kraepelinian “TAM”-System (FKS) which suffered a distortion by Kraepelin and the eliminative eugenicist Wilhelm Weygandt, unfortunately carried on in the “bipolar spectrum” current. Because the above loops are independently segregated they generate true dimensions. Furthermore the phenomena they jointly create become patterns, i.e. independently filled slots. Now these are irremediably destroyed at acquisition by Galtonian statistics which is detrimental to conceiving dimensional topics.