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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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KFA Kognitive N.psychiatrie Bildgebung

Slides und Kursmaterialien für den Workshop vom 12.Juli 2018 bei Gruppe der Peer-Gruppe der Sektion Kognitive Neuropsychiatrie (Prof. R. C. Wolf) an der Klinik für Allgemeinpsychiatrie (Dir. Prof. Sabine Herpertz) der Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg. Slides. Andere Materialien.
File For value or for worth (2017) part 1
For Value or for Worth? Part 1: Speaking Syllogistic Attractors of Appropriations in a Thought-Action-Mood-Space :: the classic Thought-Action-Mood-scheme is expanded using a simple logical interpretation, which within dyn4TAM generates 56 natural language terms denoting specific switches in the Thought-Action-Mood-Space harboring appropriation waves modulated by temperament or anxio-affective disorders.
File For Value or for Worth? Part 2 (2017)
For Value or for Worth? Part 2: A Neuroeconomical Thought-Action-Mood-Space Modulated by (Un-)Certainty as Sign- or Goal-tracking :: The prime human motivating dimension (Un-)Certainty-Orientation determines wither Mood betters or worsens during cognitive effort in the search for always only 4-dimensional abstract models. rats are similar - and mast cells could well be involved in this.
File NOT grasping as you should?
PERSON-CENTERED CONFIGURAL FREQUENCY ANALYSIS, WHAT IT OFFERS, ITS BIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL AVOIDANCE & THE (HIGH) COSTS OF THIS." A poster-presentation at the biannual conference of the Swiss Society of Psychiatric Epidemiology, Zurich 2016. Description: :: Modern science generally doesn't very often use statistics which maintain patterns at acquisition or later on despite the fact that CONFIGURAL FREQUENCY ANALYSIS may often do the job especially if nested. This has become especially dramatic in epidemiologic psychiatric which dispite owning Big data, doesn't connect data sufficiently with knowledge (stations in biochemical/cellular pathways e.g.). The reasons herefore are tentatively explored through "embodied intelligences" and the psychobiology of (un)certainty-orientation of RM Sorrentino by using a layered variant of Venn-Johnson-diagrams.
File Don't plug the data off the proband!
Oft ist das Abrupfen der Attributs-Werte von der Entität (Person) ähnlich unschön und oft unnötiger als das Rupfen von Gänsen bei lebendigem Leib. Dieses kleine Pamphlet birgt einige Statements und vor allem Links und Informationen zum Thema Konfigurations Frequenz Analyse.
File Konfigurations-Analyse G. Lienert
Slides des Vortrags vom 12. Juli 2018 bei der Peer-Gruppe der Sektion Kognitive Neuropsychiatrie (Prof. R. C. Wolf) an der Klinik für Allgemeine Psychiatrie (Dir. Prof. Sabine Herpertz) der Ruprecht-Karls-Universität HEIDELBERG.
File Thalamic mast cell-driven predilection for symbolic 4D-models hampers direct counting of configurations
Thalamic mast cell-driven predilection for symbolic 4D-models hampers direct counting of configurations to map the “truly dimensional” in statistical acquisition: a recursive hypothesis involving cortico-subcortical loops. The statistical behavior of researchers in this argument is related to their preponderant Uncertainty orientation modo Richard M. Sorrentino through a plausible homology with sign-tracker rats. The latter behavior could be predicted to be cancelled through mast cell stabillizer Nalcrom(R) in a depression-like way.
link to CRAN project`s cfa
Link to NEW 2018 PAPER Rescue of TAM-dimensionality
The general argument of the workshop now can be found in a paper in Psichiatria danubica (2018), while the mathematical introduction to Configural Frequency Analysis can be found among the slides or at: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/cfa/cfa.pdf The thoughts on IMAGING will be a subject of a 2019 paper.
File CFA_KFA goose pamphlete
My drastic goose pamphlete with many links to configural frequency ressources of 2015...