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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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NOT grasping as you should?

PERSON-CENTERED CONFIGURAL FREQUENCY ANALYSIS, WHAT IT OFFERS, ITS BIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL AVOIDANCE & THE (HIGH) COSTS OF THIS." A poster-presentation at the biannual conference of the Swiss Society of Psychiatric Epidemiology, Zurich 2016. Description: :: Modern science generally doesn't very often use statistics which maintain patterns at acquisition or later on despite the fact that CONFIGURAL FREQUENCY ANALYSIS may often do the job especially if nested. This has become especially dramatic in epidemiologic psychiatric which dispite owning Big data, doesn't connect data sufficiently with knowledge (stations in biochemical/cellular pathways e.g.). The reasons herefore are tentatively explored through "embodied intelligences" and the psychobiology of (un)certainty-orientation of RM Sorrentino by using a layered variant of Venn-Johnson-diagrams.

PDF document icon Not grasping SSPE Zurich 2016 Trevi.pdf — PDF document, 2327 kB (2382890 bytes)