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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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2006 to 2016: Mast cells, lymphatics & bipolarity

Here you find my "sketch book" slides or posters for talks on IRBD/IRPB or WPA intersectional conferences. Papers confronting the many scientific issues are forthcoming.
File Do properties of lymph-excited mast cells carve nature at the joints of Kraepelin?
Do properties of lymph-excited mast cells carve nature at the joints of Kraepelin? First hypotheses from a concatenated particle and inter-conduit perspective, for a mast-cell oriented bipolar psychopharma-cology. IRPB 2014 conference, Athens (see: www.IRPB.info)
File Asklepios & Hygiene at WPA 2nd "Psychiatry & Related Sciences"
"Asklepios & Hygiene. From nails, via the lymphatic cauldron to brain: mast cells, their particles and conduits take the lead beyond fluid psychoneuroimmunology." World Psychiatric Association Thematic conference on intersectional cooperation: 2nd "Psychiatry & Related Sciences", Athens Oct 30 - Nov 2, 2014 with 5th European conference of the International Neuropsychiatric Association.
File ISEO 2014: Syllogistic output of thalamus and mast cells
"The temperamental dyn4-engine: the syllogistic output of thalamic networks modulated by mast cells. What it could mean for BIPOLAR MIXITY." International twin(n)ed Congress 2014 November 13th – 15th 2014 - Iseo http://www.censtupsi.org/
Ascona 2014 manifold roles of mast cells for positive emotionality
After underscoring the uniqueness of mast cells for neuroscience this poster presented at the 2014 conference on Brain circuits for POSITIVE EMOTIONS at the Centro Franscini on Monte Verità (Ascona) refers to the possible role of thalamic mast cells in modulating the Cortico-thalamo-subcortico-cortical loops and specifically of the paraventricular thalamic nucleus. Stimulation of pvNclThal seems to cause "sign-tracking" in rats which corresponds to Uncertainty-Orientation in humans (R. Sorrentino), the prime motivator. A new function of positive emotion in relation to "thinking about signs for better modeling" might be to sharpen personal cognitive stile, which is modulated via pvNclThal.
File «Real»-Biological Proposals for new paths to bipolarity, mixity, fibromyalgia, and migraine.
A talk given at the IRBD 2013 conference at Sevilla which - driven by clicnical observations - brings together bacteria (Bartonella), MAst cells, and neuropsychiatry especially of bipolar disorders.
File The Pterygo-Palatine Ganglion in Bipolarity.
Treviranus GRS: How the Pterygo-Palatine Ganglion matters in bipolarity too. Presentation. 12th Intern Rev Bipolar Disorders, Nice, May 2012.