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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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Accademia Muregociana is a proposal for the combined valorization of a tourist village on the lake Mergozzo (Verbania) in Piedimont for purposes which also respond creativelyto the present economico-political crisis.
A "Villa Montalbano" gallery
MUREGOCIANA project seeks to find ways to revitalize a tourist village for economico-societal purposes linking Berne and Italy on questions of technoloogy dedicated to global problems. At lake Mergozzo a 107-apartment tourist village has not been completed since 2008. Pictures a to z show how wild plants and deer have taken over the "tourist village" with 107 2-person apartments (in 20 fabrics) since all works stopped abut 1/6 short of completion in 2008. The reason was that the business model had illegally destined these apartments to private ownership for personal use, while this violated the specifications of the communal planning zone they were built in which required an economic (tourist or other) activity related to them.
MUREGOCIANA proposal(s).
"Muregociana" refers to a proposal for an at least partly academic revitalisation of a tourist village unfinished since 2008 at the clean and beautiful lake Mergozzo 2hrs+ from Berne and 1h from Milan.