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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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MUREGOCIANA proposal(s).

"Muregociana" refers to a proposal for an at least partly academic revitalisation of a tourist village unfinished since 2008 at the clean and beautiful lake Mergozzo 2hrs+ from Berne and 1h from Milan.

The "Villa Montalbano" complex of 20 fabrics and 207 2-P-apartments is located on the long side of Mergozzo lake opposite Monte Orfano, a huge erratic block of granite used even for the colonnades of the Lateran church. To its left (northbound) lies the charming village Mergozzo with a train station on the Domodossola-Stresa-Milan line,


This evolving blog is open to all comments sent to trevi@bluewin.ch.

Two picture galleries on the Villa Montalbano complex and its surrounds are available.