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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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IRBD 2012 presentation on the pterygo-palatine ganglion

How the pterygo-palatine ganglion could matter to bipolar disorder too. By the end of the week you will find a referenced version of the talk with active OpenAccess links. thereafter visitors of IRBD2012 will be offered direct access to so-called living documents, which allow elaboration of further steps.
File Slides IRBD 2012
File IRBD 2012 presentation on pterygo-palatine ganglion.
Word-document with talk on the nasal (or pterygo-palatine) ganglion and its putative role in calming mast cells, especially in relation to migraine and bipolar disorder & about the unexpected role lymphangiitis from nail infections - as the cause of "fibromyalgia" - could have as an activator of the brain stem . Please comment eventually directly via biposuisse@bluewin.ch. :: homepage www.biposuisse.ch will be functional on its own by july 2012 ::
File IRBD 2012 presentation reference & slides in one .pdf
In order to facilitate the reading a pdf with incorporated slides and clickable references is provided. Please address comments, questions, and proposals directly to biposuisse@bluewin.ch. Thank you for your interest! G. Treviranus