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Gottfried Treviranus Facharzt FMH
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IRBD 2013 presentation on mast cells & ... Bartonella.

This presentation is a first attempt to sketch a unified framework how a set of clinical psychiatric observations and recent advances in biomedicine can provide possible answers to the etiology e.g. of bipolar disorders and of comorbid inflammatory conditions. Mast cells (MCs) are the first line in defense against germs of which e.g. Bartonella is known to change the genome ... eventually also of MCs. MCs can be genetically changed to cause Mastcell Activation Disorders, which show "mixed" pathologies.MCs advance through the lymphatics which are permeabilized to hasten antigen transport. MCs and their pellets then follow non-canonical conduits to the brain. MCs have 100 different receptors and their behavior are lstingly primed to provide highly speciific hubs at predetermiend adresses.